The Song of the Siren Remains the Same

Hello dear ones.

Things have been shifting quite a bit in my life, and it's time to share some about it here on (as Milla would so delightfully say, as if life were nothing less than some grand adventure on the high seas) my log.

The Good:

I have reduced prices on most every item in the shop. I have also set up a coupon code to get my besties *15% OFF* of any purchase, any time, forever. Type "violet" in to the little code box at check out.

The Bad:

Okay, this one is bad and good. When Violet Folklore made its Facebook debut, there was no such thing as a Fan Page. It was a regular old page with regular old friend requests and all that comes with it. I have finally set up a legitimate Fan Page for Violet Folklore Vintage. It's basically going to take the rest of my natural life to get as many fans there as I have friends now. Though the payoffs in the long run will be worth it. So please- Like it, love it, want some more of it! (And go ahead share it with your friends and loved ones).

The Ugly:

And okay, this one is ugly and good. I have been going through some seriously heart-wrenching changes in my personal life. I have split with my partner of the last five and a half years. It is especially challenging because Graham is, of course, the father of my daughter. This shift was a long time coming, and is absolutely the right thing. I haven't doubted that once since the wheels were put in motion a couple months ago.

But goddamn, it's HARD. It's hard on Mycelia. It's hard on him. It's hard on me. And, you know, it's not exactly how I dreamed my life would be someday. But some very good and sweet new things have already come from it. And I know that, as Grandma Hill and everyone else always says, this too shall pass.

For now, while I'm very much In It, I'm just doing my best. Sometimes I feel so strong, so free, and so excited for the future that it's rapturously exhilarating. Sometimes I feel so sad, so terrified, and so disappointed in how it all worked out that it's devastatingly paralyzing.

I'm super grateful to have Violet Folklore right now. What used to be supplemental income for my family is now my only source of survival, and I'm doing my best to step it up.

That will be a lot easier in the fall when kindergarten starts. In the meanwhile, this summer will be mostly about scraping by and trying to make the pieces of my life fit back into a coherent picture as soon as possible.

I've been having a fabulous time doing summery photo shoots with Suuzi (as evidenced by these photos), and am hoping that all of the supportive messages and comments  we've been receiving on our efforts will translate into actual sales sometime soon!

In the meanwhile, I'll keep doing what I've been doing. And lots of new stuff too, as I navigate this uncharted ocean. I'll continue to follow the siren's song, and to update my log like a faithful ship's captain would do. No matter what, I'll be sure to keep my chin up.

My cheek bones look so much better that way.