When Bad Things Happen To Pretty Vintage

Beautiful clothes. Disastrous photo shoot. This was me and Suuzi's Saturday.

The sunlight wouldn't cooperate, due to that gigantic mass of hydrogen and helium insisting on moving across the sky throughout the day (and shining way too brightly on our faces) and our apparent inability to predict where it would go next.

And we were using Suuzi's husband Spencer's camera, since mine is in the shop, and it didn't want to cooperate either.

And it was cold.

But we did, as you can see, get in a few decent photos. And even a few fun photos.

(Though 10 pieces in 3 hours is a sad, sad ratio).

This is a 1940's embroidered lingerie robe from my friend Lily's grandmother's collection. Actually, from my friend Lily's grandmother's wedding night ;-)

The camera malfunctions again. Ready to give up.

Taking the right leg extension pose to the NEXT LEVEL.

Please join us in prayer and petition your deity of choice for my camera's swift recovery and to send Nevada City cloudy weather that perfectly disperses sunlight and yet is wonderfully warm. Thank you.

And thank you to Milla, who hand tooled the leather butterfly and leaf hairpieces and was sweet enough to gift me such beauty.

And thank you to Spencer, who let us use his very nice, very expensive camera, on which he shot the cult classic Gray Expectations. To be honest, the camera wasn't malfunctioning so much as just not doing what we are used to my camera doing :-)