Turn the Page

Today is my 30th birthday. For this year's party, we did it a little differently. For one, the strange Northern California weather has persisted and it was a gloriously warm and sunny day (as contrasted with the snow laden birthdays I always had growing up in Tahoe). In fact this was my first outdoor party ever. Also differing was that, while last year's party was a raging kegger and the year's before included waaay too much tequila, this one was a mellow day at the park with cake (well, and a little beer).

Made by Graham. Relished by all.

My mom and sis surprised me and drove the 2.5 hours to celebrate with us! Sooooo awesome.

Sweet baby Rees.

Scheming baby Cecilia...

Who finally did succeed in scoring herself some beer.

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon for relaxing on a blanket, and we all did just that while the kiddos ran around like banshees at the playground. Good thing my friends aren't the Super Bowl type and no one was in a hurry to get anywhere.

Violet Folklore and Astral Boutique were shod in red dahlings.

Three of Nevada City's most musical menfolk: Peter Newsom, Spencer Seim, and Artemas Rex. As requested by the birthday girl, Artemas brought along his fiddle. After playing an original composition, he announced that he was naming the song after me in honor of my birthday. A fine gift indeed :-)

While Artemas played, Suuzi took his dog out for a run.

Proving the old saying: The difference between a fiddler and a violinist is that a violinist will never spill beer on his instrument. (Also proving that a fiddler will only try to prove this old saying after he has had at least four beers himself). (Note the Bunnyhenge shirt).

My mom and sis both are totally amazing with kids, and had lots of fun playing with Mycelia and her buddies (who ran around like crazy for hours, sitting down only for cake).

No idea. But here is the lavender cashmere sweater I just blogged about! Along with this vintage top that I haven't worn since three Easters ago and these sweeeet red leather boots from FreeStyle. (Lavender on lavender? Yes please).

As the afternoon faded into evening folks chased the sun out onto the field for yoga, lounging, chatting, and soccer playing.

The men ran the kids all over the field with a soccer ball, ensuring restful sleep for all that night. God bless 'em.

We were there till sunset, when the park ranger came by with his lights flashing to kick us out (we were walking to the car as it was).

I am completely psyched to be entering my 30s, or, more accurately perhaps, I am stoked to be done with my 20s. But no, there's just as much excited anticipation as there are thoughts of good riddance. I feel peaceful, grounded in myself and my life and my community, ready to see what's next.

And I am very happy that I got to start it off with all of these wonderful people. I was just complaining that people in this town are too self absorbed with their own creative pursuits to make time for one another and, while that definitely has some truth to it, this day reminded me that I am surrounded by awesome friends and family.

And there's more to come! Dinner at Graham's mom's tonight, San Francisco with my girls this weekend, and a very special meet up the following weekend. Party on!