Sunshine of My Love

I finally got some new pieces photographed last Friday at the farm with Suuzi. Here are some shots from our super sunny day:

Powder blue Gunne Sax corset dress with lace detailing, be still my heart! This extra tiny (Gunne size 7) (hence the lacing being so gapey) gown will be listed very soon, just as soon as I see if a small stain I tried to get out did, in fact, come out. (Update- sold!)

Roman Goddess Gown, also size 7.

The rest of these will all be listed very soon as well! Leave a comment if you want to reserve anything.

Winter Hawthorne.

Yep, calling this one the cleavage dress.

Rust & Rooster.

Tooled leather mushroom belt- sold!

About halfway through the shoot we had some visitors. Suuzi lives two doors down from one of Mycie's little besties Esme. So Mycie got to play over there with our new friend Sadie, and then the mamas, Carabeth and Rachel, took them on a walk. But first they had to stop by the farm to see all the dogs, goats, and chickens...

And score some eggs from the hen house...

And climb up and run down a little hill of dirt.

I love the easy breezy 90s style of these next three dresses. We can't all wear fabulous vintage every day, sometimes it's gotta be practical vintage:

Also loving these super textured 70s tennis dresses:

All in all, a lovely (and unexpectedly warm) way to spend a January day.