"I never wear beautiful clothes just for the function; there always has to be an element of fantasy, or a story"

-Joanna Newsom in the 10th issue of Lula.

Lose yourself in the fantastical clothing of summers past and...

Get your Witch Priestess on:

Size 7.5/8

Embroider your tall tales:

Betsey Johnson

reserved for Alela

Be a summertime elfin baby doll:

Dazzle the dragon in white lace and crochet:

And snag your prince by framing your lovely face with intricately woven neckline designs:

I Magnin

It's been many photo shoots since I've posted a "preview" here, but I felt that the time was ripe to do it again for three reasons: 1) I really enjoy letting my friends and readers have first dibs 2) I have a strong feeling that at least one person will find their new favorite garment if I post this rather than just start listing on Etsy and 3) I am going out of town on Friday and probably won't have time to list all of these, so through your comments I can ascertain which pieces are most fabulous and list them first!