Why Don't You Put It On The Blog!

Rockin' Like This Is My Job!

I could not stop singing those lyrics as I went about photographing these items yesterday. When Graham got home from work and found me singing them over and over to myself in a silly, exaggerated manner (like "blawwwg!" and "jawwwb!") he said, "I'ma be NOT listening to that anymore, please stop!"*

(Mycelia, however, loved it. She thought I sounded like Donald Duck).

I wonder how many blog posts have been titled this in the last few months?

Here are the new items that will all be listed in the shop over the next week!

Green Tribal Dashiki
Bell Sleeves
Bark Cloth Jungle Dress
Pretty In Pink Ruffles
Delicate Neckline
Cream Eyelet Dress
Double Breasted Trench
Plaid Summer Dress
Spring Among The Flowers Dress
Mafia Mama Lingerie Dress
Yellow & Baby Blue India Dress
Blue & Roses Dress
Blindingly Red (don't worry, just a bad photo) Dress
Simple Blue Dress
Plaid Belted Juniors Dress
80s Esprit (you know you loved it) Dress
Spring & Flowers Top
Purple Flouncy Ruffle Blouse
Rolling Hills Plaid Shrug

And there you have it. I have to say that I really, really like using the dress form instead of myself to display the clothes. It is so much faster and easier! I have appreciated all your feedback about it and yes, I *will* still be doing photo shoots in beautiful locations with good photographers and models, and will save my extra special pieces for those times (next one will be in two weeks!).

Oh and hey, we have been working hard at figuring out WordPress and I am not having those photo issues anymore. Major Yay.

Happy Spring Saturday!

*(It's a Black Eyed Peas song, in case you didn't spend the winter obsessed with mainstream hip hop dance music radio stations like I did. I don't exactly recommend it).