Clothes Party- Home & Self Prep

Last night I threw a Clothes Try On & Take Home Party for my local ladies in need of a wardrobe update (I myself was in need of a serious wardrobe purge). I moved all of my personal clothing out of my room, brought all my vintage into my room (as well as newer pieces I no longer need), shut down the Etsy shop for a few hours, and put this in front of my home as a welcome sign:

Oh and I (and Graham) also, of course, cleaned the hell out of the house. Our bedroom has never looked so good!

The selection:

I was so excited to have a use for these awesome price tags. They are made from vintage children's books and I got them (50 of them for $3 I might add) from The Recycled Palace on Etsy:

Boots, shoes, and hats:

What I wore- the Gunne lace top from my last post, my new perfect summer dress from Target, red tights from a clothing exchange, and a flower clip in my hair:

Close up of the tights, and my girl Amanda's AMAZING vintage braided leather heels!

Oh and this necklace! From Pieces Of Me Pendants on Etsy.

These are also really affordable, $6 each plus a free chain if you purchase a certain amount.

And they are made from Scrabble tiles!

The flower clip belonged to my Grandma Jennie. She was my dad's mom's sister. A car accident when she was 15 put her in a wheelchair for life, and me and my sister and our cousins were the closest things to descendants she had. What my sister and I remember most about her- besides her warm smile, bravery and positivity despite living with debilitating pain, and love for koala bears- is these clips and her orange round "Smile, Jesus Loves You" stickers.

Okay, once everything was in place the ladies began to arrive! I will post about the party itself tomorrow!