The Last Rainy Day Of Spring

I hope so at least. I heard on the radio today that the Sierras are at 143% snow pack compared to last year. So even though the last few years have been drier than usual, we are doing all right.

And I am so very ready to bust out my summer dresses!

For now I am wearing this.

The fabulous high waisted skirt I got a few days ago at my ever beloved FreeStyle Clothing Exchange. I had one similar to it but my friend's adorable daughter bumped into me while twirling around at a Christmas Eve party and I spilled wine all over it :-(

But that is okay now because this one is even cuter with that little dip right in the middle :-)

Top: thrifted Green shrug thingy: thrifted (I wear it all the time! It makes most any outfit look better! You will be seeing it on this blog a lot!) Tights: Maggie's Organic, from our local food co-op (another that I wear all the time) Boots: consignment store (yet another all the timer) Earrings: FreeStyle, like the skirt RingCrimson & Clover, by Porkchop Rules, I wrote about it in my blog The Vintage Scene in Sactown

I wore this outfit while I had coffee with my girl Ariella Daly, then picked Mycelia up from preschool (where one of the other children's fathers, my friend Jacob, told me I was "the queen of outifts"), and then to do some trading with a local buy/sell/trade place that has a fabulous vintage section, and then to wander the streets of Nevada City with my little girl (which ended in me buying her mini Dover sticker dress up books- a Pilgrim girl and an Indian girl- for $1.50 each. Gotta love Dover. As usual, I think I had more fun with them than she did).

I think that most pilgrims alive today prefer the term pilgrim :-)

I am going to start photographing and posting more outfits from now on. My life has settled after the accident and other insanity, and my home is (mostly) in order and I (mostly) have a clothing system in order now too. Between my own clothing, pieces already in or about to be in the sop, and pieces I buy to trade, I have hundreds of garments on different racks, in different bags, and in different piles around the house. Plus Graham, my "ever reluctant partner in outfit documentation" (as Missa recently referred to her husband), is becoming less and less reluctant as my Etsy shop does better and better and he realizes that blogging and wardrobe_remixing is an important part of that! PLUS I am so often shopping at thrift stores, vintage shops, and buy/sell/trade places for the shop that my personal wardrobe has become pretty fleshed out with beautiful, camera ready pieces that I cannot wait to get on and take out into the world!