Biding Their Time

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Hi friends! Wow, so many things keep happening in my life that make keeping up with the shop very difficult! Every time I'm just about ready to start kicking some Etsy ass I get hit with another setback. This time it was a gnarly ear infection that put me out of commission for two weeks. And the day after tomorrow I am going on a trip with Mycelia, my sis, and my dad to visit his parents and extended family down in central and southern California.

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But oh, when I return! The lovely vintage that has been collecting on my rack will see the glorious light of day! Here is a little preview of just a few of the items waiting to make their Violet Folklore debut.

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Simple summer dress, the label is "Beauty"  :-)

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So L.A. swinger babe

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Yes, that's an embroidered cloth belt draped across the dress

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I have been dreaming of peach lately, textured peach satin is a serious bonus!

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Okay this little sailor dress is going to make someone's entire summer!

See y'all in a week or two!