Back Porch Photos

[nggallery id=63] Ohhhhh boy. Anyone else out there on WordPress? I am so frustrated with how complicated it is to get photos up on here! It took me hours to post the Minnie blog the other day. With this one I didn't even try to post each individual photo, and am just throwing it all up here in this format. (And what, BTW, do you think about this format versus a vertical list of photos, all visible on one page? Feedback please!).

The first six pages are all clothes and shoes that are ether already listed or about to be listed in the shop. Page seven is some fun things Graham and Mycelia got at a church rummage sale on Saturday (I especially love the Peace In The Space Age pin, I had just been telling Graham that I want an old school NASA bumper sticker, but this is just as good!). Page eight is photos of the fam, and page nine showcases some of our homes interiors- the girl's bedroom and my summer dresses! (Speaking of the photos of my summer dresses- another thing I hate about WordPress is that it cuts off the edges of photos and I don't know how to fix that. You can click on any individual photo within the quadrant to make it bigger and ensure that you see the entire image).

Okay so, I really might need to move to Blogspot soon. WordPress may be a more sophisticated blog service but it takes waaay to much time to upload and organize photos. I truly dislike being on the computer (I am so sensitive to crazy electromagnetic energy- I swear sometimes I think that my mom's big screen TV is trying to swallow me whole- and often get a headache and a bitchy attitude within minutes of sitting in front of a screen) and I strive to limit my time on it to only what's necessary for Violet Folklore and a quick daily connection with loved ones. But I hate to "move" again too. Ah, we'll see. Again, feedback please my little darlin's.