violets, wild violets

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Once every year a small window opens in our tiny corner of the foothills.  Inside, a few specks of purple poke their tiny heads out smelling sweeter than, sweeter than... oh, I don't know... HEAVEN!  Dog Violets, I don't even know what to say that would convey the love I have for these little girls.  Last year, after all the violets had gone, I thought of what I would do with them this year.  I really thought I was going to collect hundreds of them and make a delicious violet oil.  Salad will do.  But next year I swear, violet oil.

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Me and Mycelia set out, foraging as many violets as we could from about a block radius in downtown.  We collected the sweet Miner's Lettuce, Chickweed, and bitter Dandelions that also grow around these parts and brought it home for diner.  It's probably the best thing you can do to yourself in the cold winter when all you want to eat is cheese and bread and chocolate.  We have been harvesting miners lettuce and chickweed for months now, and it's almost become boring.  The violets make this so much more inspiring.  They are like eating candy.

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So, the recipe is easy.  Collect some edibles, put them in a bowl.  Eat. Enjoy.