Morning at our Place

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Last week I had a special mama day all to myself, Graham and Mycie had fun at home while me and my girl Nikiya took a little trip to Sacramento to do some thrift/vintage/buy-sell-trade shopping. We, of course, had an excellent time knowing that our little girls were happy with their papas and we had all the time in the world to browse, try on, and chat.

But first there was the leaving. The getting ready. The daily rastling routine of trying to get a strong willed three-year-old dressed and out the door and in the car seat on time. I honestly don't remember what set her off crying here, it happens many times a day around here, but I'm sure glad Graham captured the moment :-)

And I am also glad I wore layers that day because man did it get hot once we got to Sacto! Between the thermal and the wool sweater I was dying. My propensity to change into new clothes the second I buy them helped out there, and by afternoon I was chillin' in sweet new jeans and a cooler top, sipping on coffee and dreaming of spring dresses...

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