Purple Dirndl Dream Dress

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As I was listing this dress on Etsy, about 10 minutes ago, I had the thought "Gee I hope it doesn't sell before I have the chance to blog about it!"

Then I thought "That's crazy. Nothing ever sells that fast." One minute later I went to put a link to it on Facebook and... it was gone. Sold! To the dear Joanne, vintage lover extraordinaire. She had just settled down to a warm cup of chai and decided to browse around and just happened to see it the moment it went up.

And I do not blame her for hitting "Add To Cart" immediately. I freakin' adore this dress. If it had fit me, it would have been mine. The purpleness! The Austrian authenticity! The adorable, oh-so-"folksy" lining and labels! It's like a beer wench (and I mean that in the best sense) and a May Queen got together to design the loveliest dress on the planet.

At least the rest of us have the pictures to look at, right? (Speaking of pictures, we are getting a new, super pro style camera this week! I am so excited to be able to bring better quality pictures to my little corner of the indie/vintage fashion world).