Giveaway Winner and Answers & Deer Watching Outfit

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I am really excited about the new camera that we'll be getting in the mail sometime this week- complete with tripod- because it means that I can take more photos of myself in my daily outfits. Doing that, posting to wardrobe_remix, and sharing clothes from my own rack and not just the Violet Folklore rack are so much fun for me, and I've noticed that all y'all girls out there in my wee corner of the blogosphere seem to like that sort of stuff too!

This outfit was just perfect for the millionth cold & rainy day in a row here in Northern Cali. I layered a warm red thermal underneath my brand new plaid shirt/dress and then threw an also brand new little shrug/cardigan on top of that. I love the dress because both the sides and the sleeves can be pinned up (for extra cuteness you know). And I always love little shrug-type sweaters, for summer and winter, and collect them like crazy. Both the dress and the cardi were bought at the FreeStyle Clothing Exchange, just outside of Sacramento, the day before. I stop by there often looking for scores for the shop (they have an amazing vintage section) but always seem to walk away with something new for myself as well. In fact, I found these shoes and jeans there within the last month too.

The shoes you might recall from my recent post Keep or Sell?. Well, I decided to keep the shoes (I mean, how could I not?) and sell the Darling Gunne Sax Denim Skirt, the Red Hot 80s Cut Out Dress, and the Swingin' 60s Wool Plaid Babydoll Jacket.

I really wanted to get the three deer that were feeding in our dormant winter garden in the background in these shots but, not surprisingly, they got a little spooked and ran off. (You can see them in the bottom left just before that happened though). Later in the day as I made my way up our drive the smallest deer was in the garden and got very frightened by our big red truck driving up the rainsoaked driveway and spewing mud while trying to get a grip on the road and, in a panic, she tried to leap over the fence and got stuck in it instead. She was making the most horrible, sad noises and I felt sooo sorry for her. Luckily Graham was able to twist her free. She quickly bounded away and we haven't seen them since. But I'm sure they'll be back because the chickweed and miner's lettuce are sprouting right up after all this rain!

Okay and so the Giveaway winner is... Yelena! Thanks to everyone who entered (everyone got all the answers right of course, it was so easy just typing the keywords into the search field). Here are the answers anyway though, just for fun:

1. Tahiti has done album art for Devendra Banhart, Mariee Sioux, Joanna Newsom, Grass Roots Record Company, Graham Nash, and maybe more. The piece that Graham and I modeled for is called Neptune's Daughters.

2. Graham built the cottage that he and I and Mycelia live in. It was the first time he's done something like that and he did a damn good job.

3. Sasha and I had a blast at the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium.

4. We participated in a Gunne Sax Parade.

5. Alela Diane modeled for Violet Folklore two Winter Solstices ago.

6. My Great Grandma gave birth to 17 children!

7. Carabeth gave me my favorite vintage sweater (Carabeth & Tahiti are the parents of Mycelia's best friend Esme).

8. The posts in which I've explored the history of textile fabrics include The Goodness of Gingham and Paisley: Not Just the Patchouli of Fashion.

9. The first piece Violet Folklore ever sold was an 80s Egyptian comic print Swatch dress, modeled by Carabeth. Amazing!

10. A few of the On Location photo shoot spots we've visited in the last year are Empire Mine (twice!), The Great Republic of Rough & Ready, and the Medicine Grove.

Hope you are dryer and sunnier in your soul than I've been feeling these last few weeks!