Magnetic Dress Up Dolls

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...are where it's at! It all started last August when our lovely friend Kristen got my daughter Mycelia and her BFF Esme the fabulous Mermaid dress up dolls. The girls loved them, as did us mamas. In fact, I knew right away that I would be buying Mycelia more and more of these over the years. And when I went online to Mudpuppy's website and saw all the fashion and vintage inspired dolls, I realized that I was buying them just as much for myself as for her. She/I received the Retro Chic set on Christmas morning, and I'm thinking we'll go with Victorian Couture next, then Garden Fairies, then City Girls, then...

They are easier than paper dolls and can be stuck to fridges or washing machines if the mood strikes you, putting them away is like playing with a puzzle, and they make versions of it for less girly people too (monsters, robots, pirates). The perfect gift for children and the adults who buy for them!