Victoria Dreamin'

From Sasha

When we started our Etsy store, I had no idea that we were becoming part of one of the most amazing online communities in the world. Of course, Etsy was a conscious choice-- EBay, Amber and I agreed, seemed so impersonal, and the aesthetics were not appealing. Plus, we didn't like the intense pressure of "bidding" for an item-- sensitive nervous systems here! Still, I never guessed that I would meet some of the neatest people on the planet by running an online clothing boutique! 

Cerise is one of these especially wonderful people, and when she showed me these pics that she snapped of herself modeling the California Dream Girl Dress, I just had to ask her if I could play Interviewer. I suspected that this woman would have some good stuff to say, and *DANG* was I right! Cerise lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and she is the true Spirit Daughter of the 60s/70s era. She was raised listening to her dad's mind-blowing record collection from his days in swinging London, when he used to run around with the likes of The Band and Sandie Shaw. Her joie de vivre and creativity spark from every word! Not to mention that she is the most awesome Violet Folklore model. If only she lived even a few times zones closer...


Sasha from Violet Folklore:    If you could get in a time machine and travel to the era when your dress was made (late 60s/early 70s), where would you go and what would you do?

Cerise:   In the late 60s I'd be that girl in the Haight Ashbury - "..barefootin' along, whistlin' and singin', she's a carryin' on." My camera would be forever with me making memories of all the beautiful people I meet, and my hands on all the groovy threads at the Blushing Peony & Mnasidika!
For the early 70s I'd love to meet Rick Danko of The Band, (well technically I'd love to marry him & have a bunch of kids to call me ma!)

Sasha:  What are your top three "stranded on a desert island" albums?

 Cerise:   Melanie - "Gather Me"
Trees - "Garden of Jane Delawney"
Steppenwolf - "The Second"

Note: there's a copy of the "Zabriskie Point Soundtrack" smuggled under my shirt, but you don't know about that ;)

Sasha:   What is inspiring you this winter?

Cerise:   The cold, still air. The dew drops placed gently on a spider's web. Rain, woods, feathers, the wind, 'The Magic Faraway Tree', dreamy drifty psychedelic folk music, Victorian era London, fairytales, my dad's old fox hat, Syd Barrett, the 70s..the list goes on. As summer is soon approaching I'm looking forward to being inspired by the late 60s, miss Linda Ronstadt, Mama Michelle Phillips, Gail Zappa and the whole Laurel Canyon scene of that era.


Sasha:  What is the oddest thing you have created lately out of sheer boredom?

Cerise:  Creating odd things is my specialty but sadly I've been too busy to be bored lately! I can say that in the past I have made a scribble stick-figure drawing of a dream in which myself & Frank Zappa went snorkelling for coral together, a book of typos my fun friend Julie & I made (how did we get 'lamsots hat' out of 'almost famous'?), and cut out photos of Mick Jagger from magazines & used a marker to black out one of his front teeth and then I give them to friends as a token of love :)

Sasha:  Tell us something you love about Melbourne! If we come to visit what should we see or do?

Cerise:  Well certainly not the fact that nearly everyone I've met, except for 3 people, have never heard of or appreciate The Band but apart from that...the weather! Days of sunshine, days of shadow. Don't come in February though, the heat will make you wish you never came here in the first place. I'm not much of a city girl at all so if I know of anywhere to go it'd be a hidden spot in the Dandenong Ranges. I like to go there on cold days, early in the morning & wander around with all of my cameras in tow and a can of bug spray to stop any 8 legged hitchhikers thinking of catching a ride in my car. It's really quite magical being amongst the cold, all the mist, the pine trees and gingerbread style homes. I hope to attempt a little photo session up there with the new dress, as promised!

Sasha:  What is a favorite piece in your vintage collection?

Cerise:  My multiple pairs of original Levi's flares! I looooove them. I'll always get them out when I want that 1969/1970/Grateful-Dead-girlfriend-on-Mickey-Hart's-ranch look & feel.
I also have a little corduroy mini prairie dress that's dark green with little flowers and a lace-up bodice. It's a dress that makes me feel free & want to run through the grass, barefoot, in summertime :) 


P.S. If any of our customers/friends are out there reading this blog and not feeling shy, send us a picture of yourself in your Violet Folklore duds! We would be SOOOO thrilled to do a mini-interview with you!