A Red Gingham Wedding

From Amber

A while back I wrote in The Goodness Of Gingham about my mad search for the perfect red gingham dress. Then last month my husband Graham and I went up to my home town of South Lake Tahoe for the wedding of two of my dear friends. I had brought three dresses with me, unsure of which one to wear. I had planned on having at least an hour at my mom's house to decide on a dress, but traveling with a two-year-old = CHAOS sometimes and we got to her house with about 15 minutes to get ready. I was near panicking.

My mom had told me on the phone that day that she had bought a red dress for me and left it on the bed. Well, lo and behold, she didn't tell me it was a red GINGHAM dress! (<-- exactly what I texted her later. Turns out my post had lodged in her subconscious and resurfaced when she found this dress at, yes, Ross). When I walked into the room and saw it on the bed I straight up squealed with delighted surprise and serious relief. My decision was made, I immediately put it on and didn't take it off until about 1am.

Here's me and my sis, adorning ourselves with some table settings. (A few glasses of wine in):


Me and my girls Meg and Steph from way back in the day pose in all our red, white, and black glory!


Graham and our friend Jeremy called this my American Apparel modeling moment. Note the change in shoes from the picture above as the chilly Tahoe evening descended. (I also love how you can see all the times I changed my hair in these pictures. It finally stayed in the braid when it came time for me to bust some sweet moves on the deck built especially for that purpose):


What can a girl do in a dress such as this at a beautiful, friend- filled wedding on a perfect summer night but flirt, flirt, flirt... even if it is just with her own darling husband?



Moral of the story: Yes, says Amber, it is okay to wear gingham to a wedding. Summertime is best for this, especially red gingham, and an outdoor setting also lends some credibility to such an outfit. As long as you strive to look polished, make it to the church on time, and don't try to make out with the groom on the dance floor, no one will question your choice of attire!