Roadside Attractions

From Sasha

Last night I got home too late to take pictures at my house, which is in the shade of a big hill and gets dark early. I was hot to capture these two cool pieces, though, so I did something I have never done before-- got fully dressed, hopped in the car, and went looking for a roadside that still had lots of light left. I found one! Such lovely meadows and cat-tails... even a lane lined with blackberry bushes. The funny thing is that, even though I look like I am in the middle of nowhere, I am actually standing right at the side of the road, with the occasional Ford pickup driving by with someone on their way home from work, people walking their dogs, etc. I even got buzzed by a car full of teenagers who were hanging out of the windows of a dusty beater and (quite genuinely) yelling "whoo!". The things we do for art... 









~By the way, these pieces will be in the shop tonight!~