Covered Bridges and Boho Minidresses

From Sasha

There has been a sea-change inside of me lately. It started when I cut down my hours at my day job to part-time; suddenly Violet Folklore could take up a space of its own, instead of being squeezed into the margins of my days and weeks.

The first sign of the change was an almost manic obsession with my own wardrobe. If something was not perfect, it needed to leave the closet right away. If something was missing, it needed to be bought immediately. I probably did more online shopping in the past month than I had done all year!

The next sign was a very fussy, very focused obsession with taking exciting pictures. (I'm sure you all noticed something was up when I brought unicorns into the photo shoots!) Come to think of it, the dresses in the store were good, but they could be better too. I got more particular about what I bought for the store. I wanted every item to exude an absolute ton of "charm".

That's a very long preface to these pics, from my trip to Bridgeport, which is a place oozing with "charm" just down the river a bit from Grass Valley. It's home to scenic barns, the oldest covered bridge in the West, and of course the beautiful Yuba River. As I told my friend, "I want every single picture to be an amazing fairy tale!" I hope you enjoy:


Even in the country, it's hard to find the perfect Barn to take pictures in front of. This one does the trick!

Traditional foothill recreation

I love this bridge-- the way the light plays on the interior beams, and the way it smells when the sun heats up the wood. It used to be a toll bridge, way back before cars!



And I love the way they built these windows into the side, soyou can see the Yuba winding its way down the canyon...

Hiking trails abound in Bridgeport

I think this one goes in our "WTF?" category.



Wild grape leaf tunnel




With a crown of Mugwort, the beloved herb that loves to grow by rivers. Mugwort stimulates vivid dreaming and visioning, sets menstrual cycles back on track, and helps with upset tummies from eating weird food.

To get to Bridgeport: Take Highway 20 to Pleasant Valley Road in Penn Valley, follow signs North to Bridgeport. You'll see the bridge when you get there!