An Egyptian Jiminy Cricket

From Sasha

I've spent the last week in a shopping frenzy, and I have a pile of gorgeous dresses to photograph for the shop! Now for some inspiration... I spent a very indolent Sunday hiding from the blazing sun in my blacked-out living room, poring through an issue of Vogue from this May that a friend had lent me. This was possibly the best issue ever, since it focused on the models, complete with Juicy Model Gossip! If they were all like this I would have continued my subscription. Natalia Vodianova did a photo shoot where she channeled famous models from the past several decades, and I was so happy to see that Penelope Tree was included in the tribute. Her outfit was the best, by far:


...but then I like things pretty Dramatic.

The real Penelope Tree does not disappoint, in fact I think she trumps Natalia and all the modern models for the fact that she was one of the very first to carry off that "I'm sorry, I was communicating with aliens, did you need to say something to me? How terribly dull" expression whilst wearing her entire closet inside out on top of her head. I heart a good juxtaposition, and this girl had it down.

Penelope tree 4 
Penelope tree 2 
Penelope tree 6 
(Mamma don't mess around when it comes to pants.)
Penelope tree penelope 
Penelope tree penelope tree penelope tree 
Personally I see a marked resemblance between Penelope and our very own Violet Folklore model, Candace. Uber-pixie!
People always have the weirdest little catch-phrases for models, and frankly most of them get on my nerves, but Penelope Tree got tagged with the weirdest of all: "The Egyptian Jiminy Cricket". Now that is odd enough for me to love.
Before I go, this one is for my hunny, who would pipe in right now to tell you that there is an excellent song called "Penelope Tree" by the 80s British Band Felt. I present to you the music video!

Okay, off to take pictures... wish me luck!