What Will You Wear To The Summer of Love?

From Sasha


You might notice that we are getting more things in the shop on a regular basis these days. There is a wonderful explanation-- I finally cut down hours at my day job! Now I can split my working hours between my office manager gig and Violet Folklore. This is my first week with the new schedule, and I am so ecstatically happy! It seems a funny thing to do in (here it comes) "these economic times"-- and I don't say that lightly, since my hunny's job appears to be going under, and we have no Plan B in place-- but it just wasn't good for my brain to be spending so much time in one (non-artistic) mode all week long. Whether Violet Folklore is a big money-maker or not, it is creative work, and that's how I like to live. If we have to eat (more) beans and rice to get by, we will... and who knows, the big idea is that my consistent attention to the shop will grow our little business even more. It's worth a try!


(I hear women seldom celebrate their accomplishments, and we all know that we tend to lag on the self-care even if others are getting lots of our love, so I mention all this as an inspiration to you.)

Meanwhile, what ever will you wear to your personal Summer of Love? We have some ideas...












All of these pretties are in the shop now! Go get em' girls...