Out Standing In Their Field

From Sasha

Confession: taking photos outdoors is one of my favorite parts of running the shop. I even love taking pictures with the self-timer... it is a great meditation for me. I have to be acutely aware of the light, the lines of the trees and the hills, my body, the texture and fit of the gorgeous vintage clothes, and obviously every shot requires that I stand in complete stillness. I have a very over-active mind that is only calm when totally engaged in a project, so this is the perfect activity. What really makes it blissful is that everything on the periphery of my attention is wild and lovely... the birds, the breeze, the trees, the flowers, and my ever-present and ever-amusing cats.

 I present for you a little recreation of my Day In The Field, and hope you can feel a little of the Peace, even through your computer screen:

70s striped sweater brown 


Purple prairie boho 70s dress 


Embroidered white shawl 70s gypsy stevie nicks hippie flower child festival 


Green oaxacan mexican embroidered tunic dress 


Cotton greek summer white top embroidered 


Navy blue gunne sax size 11 boho folk dress 


Quilted hippie jacket coat festival boho patchwork 


Quilted 70s jacket hippie boho gypsy festival 


White embroidered top blouse gyspy folk boho


Red mexican poncho capelet folk boho hippie cozy festival 


Sunshine rainbow hippie gypsy festival jacket 70s psychedelic 

Happy Summer!!!