Crystal Unicorn Visions!

From Sasha

Today me and Amber received a package in the mail that was almost too delightful to believe. Our friend and customer Hana from Japan sent us two gorgeous pieces of silk from antique kimonos (you should feel the silk! Such amazing quality and texture), along with very special amethysts from her crystal shop! Being purple, amethysts (as Hana pointed out to us) are the official stones of Violet Folklore, and these two are quite the prettiest we've ever seen. In an effort to give proper thanks, I took a series of photos today incorporating the crystals (and my lil' friend the unicorn)... here is a huge thanks to Hana for giving us these gifts that increase the magic and creativity in our lives!!!

(Anyone who wants to photoshop a fairy in, go for it! I think we could use one!)




The wheels of commerce never stop around here, and yes... this gorgeous Gunne is going to be for sale tomorrow:






Thanks also to our customer, who I will simply call Beachy, for encouraging me to take my photography to the next level. This sweet soul has really made my week. I love our customers!

More lovelies are coming, ladies... stay tuned.