Saturday's Child

From Sasha

Today has been the longest day ever! For some reason I woke up at dawn-- even before the bird chorus-- and I just couldn't get back to sleep. Now I feel like I've lived two days in one! A light (but not cold) rain has been falling all day, giving things a soft and dreamy quality. A perfect day for taking pictures...

It all started at a radiator repair place (the glamor!), which had this sign that I loved:


(I guess that would make me the Early Bird!)

We saw this sign at a salon- I'm sure I've seen a thousand like it, but there is just something amazing about this particular hand:


My father-in-law has become possessed by a very unusual Mission: he is building his own racecar to race on the salt flats at Bonneville, Utah, this summer. This little thing is going to go 100 mph, if all goes well:


Love the decades of stickers on his tool box:


There is some serious Manliness afoot.


A few hours later Amber and I find ourselves... wait for it... shopping! It was just one of those weekends where we were on a roll. We snapped some pics in front of one of the oldest thrift stores in town:


(Note the paint peeling on the sign!)

New shoes, thrifted today (a real cause to celebrate, as I seldom find shoes in my size!):


And new Giant Hat! Perfect for a grey day...


Amber looking stunningly patriotic!



Home again home again... the rain picked up so there was no taking pics outdoors, so I amused myself inside with the camera. Chris made these holders for our 7" records from two pictures of Lindsey Lohan's eyes, which I think is hilarious!


The favorite window:


This is coming to the shop ASAP-- it's a miniature picnic basket (!), which frankly would make the cutest purse! It's just about the size of a little handbag:



Detail from a skirt we got today:


From a nightgown/robe set:


Thunderbird trim on the collar of a dress:


Me and Zuzu:


And, finally, going out to the movies, in a brand new capelet and again the new hat!


Hope you are all having a cozy and relaxing weekend out there! See you on the other side...