Ladies Who Love The Hunt

From Sasha

Following Amber's theme of women, clothes, and bonding, I had to share a few pics with you from my shopping odyssey yesterday! 

The day started-- early-- at an estate sale in downtown Grass Valley, where I ran into our new friend Toni and her boyfriend Max. We met Toni on Etsy when she bought a dress from us, and we realized that she was our neighbor! She runs an Etsy shop of her own called Semina Filligree, and it is filled with awesome crocheted wearables and cool paintings-- check it out! (And need I even mention that Toni and Max have some serious style...?)


I loved this incredible hand-embroidered Map of California. If the kitsch wasn't at maximum density in my house right now, it would've come home with me in a heartbeat...


After the Estate Sale, Chris and I met his mom for a Mother's Day Shopping Adventure-- her idea!!! We hit every yard sale and thrift store we could find, including a big sale at Farmer Brown's in Rough And Ready (yes, that's a town) where there is a mind-boggling assortment of vintage. The stock is overflow from the costume shop next door, where I love to rent costumes, since almost everything in it was created (By Mrs. Brown herself) well before the 80s! There is no web page for this place, but it's open most weekends, so just cruise down the Rough And Ready Highway and look for the sign! But beware, you might get lost inside...


(Yup, that's a California Raisin costume!!!)

(This look on my face is ridiculous! Why am I such a ham?!?!?)

After many hours of shopping, we finished off in Penn Valley, where we took this "portrait" of Maryann and I with our "scores"!


Such satisfied grins! Aren't I one lucky girl, to have a mother-in-law who loved to go on "The Hunt" as much as I do? When it comes to shopping, we ladies know how to have a good time!

I got a metric ton of new stuff on my adventures, and the vintage treasures are starting to pile up in my house layer upon layer... all to be photographed this week, have no fear, but get ready for some great new stuff in the store! Meanwhile, I hope you all had a great mother's day, and here's to shopping....