Belles In A Garden

From Amber

Last week Mariee's mother Felicia called us up and invited us over to the house for another photo shoot!  We ended up using completely different backgrounds from the ones we used last time. This clothesline lay, perfectly, right next to the roses that we modeled our lovely new vintage finds in front of for most of the evening:


We later migrated down to their beautiful and extensive flower garden. So here are some of the new goodies that will be listed in the shop over the next few days or so, including no less than SIX pieces (listed at the bottom) which won't- because we fell in love with them (I myself gluttonously claimed four)!




Our favorite shot of the day, thanks to Tanner:



Gunne sax pink lace vintage dress long 1

Gunne sax pink lace vintage dress long satin bow

Green vintage dress house robe velour

Vintage dress burgundy maroon floral sheer sundress

Vintage dress plaid

Vintage dress mod burgundy purple suede

Vintage dress purple crochet lace

Vintage dress rainbow 80s stripes

Vintage slip dress lace pink

Vintage shirt calico 70s crop top boho hippie

Vintage 70s top floral boho tunic

Vintage blouse deadstock pink bow pretty

Vintage calico blouse 70s hippie patchwork boho

Okay, now here are the pieces that we couldn't resist and decided to keep for ourselves. The li'l top is such sweet and will be and perfect for summer. I just feel like more of a mom, in a good way, in some clothes than others. This falls into that category:

Vintage top pink flowers  


I assure you that I have never been one for the belly shirt, but this beauty is too good to let go!
I actually stopped going to belly dance class because, among many other things, I didn't have the right clothes for it. Now I do! And just in time, because I am beginning to feel the belly dance energy come back into my life. Especially after taking that Mayan Uterine Massage class at the Symposium, I've been reminded of how important uterine/abdominal/core health is for women. And I feel so much better even after 5 minutes of very amateur belly dance done in a stolen moment in front of the mirror in my bedroom.

 I adore the little blue flowers:

Vintage sheer top hippie belly flower

Yes, that's a sticker on my dirty jeans butt, from the children's library. Sasha thought it was the label of some uber chic jeans :-)



Yay, this amazing vintage jacket looks *so good* on Sash! I loved it over the slip and with the cowboy boots. Oh and the girl has a major thing for houndstooth:

Mod houndstooth vintage coat jacket

Sahsa's hubby Chris loved the way this dress brought out her eyes and insisted she keep it:


This dress marks my first foray into the world of early 90s vintage. I just love the fit and super soft material:


Okay guys. So. In my 28 years I have referred to many, many a dress as My Favorite. And they all have been. But this one, that Sasha found and knew I would probably fall in love with, trumps them all. The fabric is so soft, the print is a dream, the fit is perfect, when I sit down it covers my whole lower body in warmth, I just adore it!!!


We literally squealed and hugged when I tried it on. It's the ultimate Summer Dress (a very important thing, of course). And it comes with a matching shawl:


So happy:


Thanks so much Felicia for the perfect photo backdrops and Sasha for bringing so many amazing garments into my life!

"A new dress changes everything" -Linda Grant