New Friend + New Dress = Happy Girl

From Amber
A couple months ago I posted a blog about The Vintage Scene in Sactown. It put me in touch with some of the girls involved with the various shops I mentioned, including Nicole from Atelier.

Come to find out I had already been a fan of Nicole's two Etsy shops  Flaming Hag Folkwear and Dig Vintage . We started chatting a bit on the net, and when she found out I had a two-year-old daughter she offered to send us this *adorable* dress, left over from her own daughter's toddler days (she has a son too, and boy are they some vibrant, happy looking kids!). 

It is always fun to receive a package in the mail, and Mycie was so stoked that it was a gift for her! The tiny little patterned holes on the top and soft corduroy on bottom are a joy to touch, and she loves the polka dots and roses.

So Mycie, just like her mama always does (and gets made fun of by her sister every xmas for), put her new garment on immediately:


Then she spun. And spun and spun:





And check out Nicole's website too!

Thanks so much girl, Mycie wears this dress almost every day. It's arrival really coincided with her coming to a developmental place where she is starting to care about what she wears (well, have a strong opinion about what she wears is maybe more like it!). It makes her very happy!