Tell Us Your Thrift Score Story!

From Amber
In keeping with my Flickr Group obsession, I've created yet another one- this one I think is the best thus far! Someone else would have come up with it soon enough if I hadn't now, because my inspiration came when doing something many of you already do every day- looking through the wardrobe_remix pool.

Ms. Havishamles had her picture right next to mine in the pool, and I realized that I had somehow never seen her photostream before! I started lookng through (and loving) it, and then came upon this one:


Underneath she had written this:

I was at the thrift store yesterday and I saw a girl holding this sweater and I was jealous that I hadn't spotted it first. Then she asks her friend what she thinks of the sweater and her friend frowns and says "Well, you know how I feel about sweaters." So the girl puts the sweater back on the rack and I scoop it up. Hooray!

I love reading and hearing people's thrift score stories, and decided to create a group named, fittingly, Thrift Score Stories. Here's how it's described on the group's home page:

If you're anything like us, you tend to respond to compliments on a piece of clothing with something along the lines of, "Two dollars at the Salvo! It was half off day and only minutes 'till closing time when suddenly I spotted..."

Tell us the rad/crazy/amazing/interesting/synchronistic/fated/bewildering/accidental/intentional way you came upon a piece of clothing (or an accessory or household item) at the thrift store!

The thrill of the hunt, the joy of the find, the satisfaction of sharing your story with others... it's all right here!

So join up and share your exciting finds!