From Sasha

Where do Rockers come from? From other Rockers, of course!

When I went home last weekend for my mom's St. Paddy's Day party, I caught her wearing this t-shirt, which she swears she bought "just because she liked the design":


Yes indeedy, that's a Van Halen shirt! Now, just cause she has no idea who Van Halen are, does that make her any less of a Rocker? You decide!

Then there is my Dad, who (totally unintentionally) looks like he's the drummer in a classic rock band:


What can I do? Rocking is in my genes! So is hamming it up-- speaking of which, here I am, pretending I can do an Irish step-dance:


(My badge says "Kiss Me I'm Irish", of course. I took the liberty of wearing it for four full days leading up to St. Paddy's Day. After all, my mom is from County Kerry, so I've earned it!)

Now speaking of rocking, and flash fashion, check out these ladies who I'll be playing with this Saturday night at the Center For The Arts in Grass Valley!

First there is my friend Uni, better known as Uni and her Ukulele. She started her career as a back up singer for R & B legend Johnny Otis, and now she rocks her uke all over the world!


Tippy Canoe used to play drums in the legendary girl band The Kirby Grips, before being seduced by the ukulele! Don't you love her outfit? Seriously now. This is my first time meeting her and I am so excited!


My band, Sasha and the Shamrocks, with our new bass player Tyler, will be opening the show. It's going to be incredible fun, and you should definitely come on down!


By the way I have a very special Top Secret outfit planned for the evening... let's just say it's a reaaaaally big stage, and so it would be impossible to overdress.

Hope to see you there!