All In The Family

From Sasha

I wish I could blog more, but alas, between working full-time at my day job, running an online store, leading a rock band, and trying to have A Life, there is very little time left over to share with my wider community of online friends. Oh, the Catholic Guilt!

My Excuse For Not Blogging:




(that's a Marie Antoinette costume, circa 1969, that I rented from the costume shop in rough and Ready, and altered into a shorter dress)

But, Good Blogger or Bad Blogger, despair I shall not, especially because while one blogger rests, others are picking up the slack... most notably, two members of my very own family!

First, there is my hubby, Chris, who writes a satirical blog a la The Onion. He errs too far on the side of modesty, and tells NO ONE about his blog, but he agreed that I could share it with all ya'll! It's called Fakeblog and it now features a photo-shopped pic to accompany each post (yes, this is from the man who draws the hilarious comics you see on our Flickr)!


From the post "Sizzler, Sizzla Team Up For Reggae-Themed Steakhouse"

Then there is my absolutely fabulous cousin Erin, an Irish lass making her way in the glittering and gritty world of Film in Los Angeles. She has a lifetime of writing experience, and she is kindly sharing it with all of us via her blog, 21 Pimlico. She is smart and funny and entertaining as hell, and I am blown away by her latest post about Women's Body Image in The Media. It is one of the most honest and intelligent pieces I have ever seen on this subject which is very close to my heart... check it out!


Me, my cousin, and Chris!

Blog on, my sistren and brethren!!!