A Feast for the Eyes

From Sasha

Just for kicks, I decided to assemble the pictures that have been fascinating me this week. I am hardly the consistent kind of person who could keep an actual "Lookbook", but I was intrigued by what caught my eye during this one particular period of time!

First, this snapshot of Anita Pallenberg, Queen of the Rolling Stone entourage. I love her next-to-nothing outfit accented with the huge leather belt. I spend most of my summers in a (way sloppier) version of her shorts and t-shirt get-up, and just looking at this reminds me that warm days will come again soon!I love the old cars in the background, too.. and the intriguing children's book in her hand.


My band, Sasha and the Shamrocks, has been covering "White Rabbit" by The Jefferson Airplane, and it is the most fun I have ever had with a cover song. Of course I can't sing like Grace Slick, but it feels so good just to try. I hear she wrote "White Rabbit" after spending twelve hours on acid listening to "Sketches of Spain" by Miles Davis. How cool is that? I love her kick-ass attitude, so evident in her voice, and in this picture:


I have been fretting over what I am going to do when summer comes and I can't wear my favorite hat, which is made of wool. Then I saw this... vintage Balenciaga. Sign me up!

Anne st. marie balenciegaresized 

This week I was compelled, seemingly randomly, to search for images of Solveig Donmartin, most famous for her role as Marion in the film Wings of Desire. In the course of my hunt I discovered that she passed away a few years ago from a heart attack at the absurdly young age of 45. I have felt slightly haunted by the news ever since. For those of you who have somehow missed Wings of Desire, it is German director Wim Wenders most well-known film, and probably one of the most accessible and popular "art films" of all time. The main premise, that angels exist among us, invisible, listening to all of our thoughts (and occasionally sympathizing), is handled with incredible imagination and tenderness. Here's to Solveig, who never used a body double in the film, but trained for eight weeks straight to master the art of the flying trapeze on her own.


I never, ever tire of the film Marie Antoinette. I love this candid shot of Kirstin Dunst on the set:


I am not quite the follower of runway fashion that I feel I should be... I get to overwhelmed, and honestly, I don't like much modern fashion, except couture. Then I stumbled on this, from the Chanel 2009 collection-- yum! (Maybe this is couture, I dunno, but I'd sure wear it to a party!):


As a girl who played with plastic horses instead of dolls, I am somewhat shocked that I am newly obsessed with our friend Blythe. She's been around for years, but the amazing custom outfits and scenes that people are designing these days are bowling me over with creativity and sheer cuteness. Those big eyes! Who can resist?

This from the Etsy seller Neuart:


And a random vagrant hippie Blythe from Goggle image search:


Yum yum yum, I am curious to see how all if this will play out in my Spring wardrobe. Maybe I'll get an eye enlargement? (joking!) Here's to Looking...