We Heart You

From Sasha

I swear, our customers are some of the coolest people I have ever met. When me and Amber got into Etsy, we had no idea that we would form such amazing relationships with our clientele. Some of them are short and sweet, precious little jewels of love left in our Feedback before the customer disappears forever back into the ether; others have become full-fledged friendships with daily e-mail exchanges, recipe sharing, and care packages sent through the mail just for fun.


This blew my mind when I found it my actual MAILBOX the other day!:


You know that I cried.

Selling clothes online might seem like any other kind of commerce to an outsider, but I really do get a deep down heart-warming satisfaction from delivering wonderful clothes to perfect strangers. As my father, a never-ending source of support for this whole endeavor, pointed out, selling clothes that make people look and feel better is a service to humanity. Wow!

My mantra "I Am A Channel For Beautiful Dresses", seems to be working wonders, as I am finding more and more gorgeous frocks on my shopping trips. The mantra is also supposed to serve as a reminder that I can't keep all the winsome gowns of the world... and so far, so good. (Well, 99% sacrifice counts, right?)

So thank you, to all of our amazing customers, and to those who may not be able to buy but who are fans and supporters nonetheless. We feel your love. And we return it to you a hundred-fold!