The Friends That Etsy Together...

From Sasha

This photo has been on my fridge for many years now, with good reason: it features some of the most important people in my life, and captures a moment of pure joy. The four of us were all penpals brought together by The Cure via their unofficial fanzine, Other Voices. Here we are following them across the U.S. in the year 2000, and on this glorious spring day in Toronto we have just managed to get across the border into Canada without being arrested (it close, ahem), and we have front row seats to the concert that night-- given to us by the band themselves!


left to right: Chris, Automne, Sasha, and Stephanie- photo by Rashmee Sing


So the other night I was daydreaming in the kitchen, staring at the fridge, when suddenly it hit me: as of this week, all four of us have Etsy stores!!! I guess it really should have been predictable, considering that we all love art, communication, and crafting. But still- it's so cool, kind of like we are in a club together again.


First of all, there is Automne, Portland resident and occasional bandmate of mine (when I am lucky). Her Etsy store, Get Fancy with MissAutomne, sells vintage clothes and handmade crafts. She has the best fashion photos ever, and even makes amazing Hipster Valentines:




They even come in Gay! Such an unbeatable deal at $10 for a whole package. Order 'em while they last!!!


Then there is Stephanie. This girl always had Mad Craft Skills. She is the queen of color and fun! Check out her Birdnest Fascinator, now for sale in her Etsy store, Sugarswirl:


Vintage dress, hand-altered and embellished, and handmade Dalia hat!:


Stephanie is a true treasure... a colorful, magical creature straight from the Craft Kingdom!!!


Last but not least, my own hunny Chris has just joined the Etsy universe with his store, CosmicYardSale.  Check out his Altered Kurt Cobain Troll:


Yes, he did this one himself. Look at the little Converse shoes! Egads. This man is a genius. A Kiss troll is in the works next.

And then there is the best Thrift Score of the century, a Unicorn rollerskating jacket. I tried to steal it, but he wouldn't let me! (No, not even when I groveled! He is a Serious Businessman!) Although I did get to borrow it for Superbowl Sunday, as seen here in Downtown Grass Valley:



Well, as they say, The Family That Etsys Together... hmmm, maybe that family uses the computer too much? Possibly. But there is no joy like Etsy joy, and I am glad we four good friends all have yet another thing in common!!!!! Yay for Etsy!