New and Lovely

From Sasha

Yesterday was my first weekend day Off and At Home in ages, and I was so glad that the weather co-operated and I could finally photograph some of these great new items! (California is in a terrible drought, so the weather is co-operating a LOT lately...sigh.) Amber was off scouring the Sacramento Valley for awesome new boho/folk/hippie gear, and I was up on the hill behind my house til dark, making Sexy Time Face at my camera:







Favorite Poses of the Day:


My body has clearly been taken over by too many fashion magazine ads! Someone help me! (at one point I actually fell off that log behind me- too bad the self-timer went off a second too early to capture it!)


When I am wearing a pretty dress, I feel like flying... (go between the two photos really quick and you'll see what I mean!)


I spent waaaaaaaay too long last night playing with my New Best Friend, i-photo, and tidying up the shop. As planned, Amber and I have turned over the new Boho leaf completely in time for St. Brigid's Day (that's a pagan cross-quarter holiday, btw, which heralds the very beginnings of spring, the noticeable return of the light, and a re-commitment to stoking our creative flames) (also called Candlemas, yes, like the metal band!). The 80s and 50s stuff is OUTIE (those of you in Sac will be seeing it show up at some of your fave vintage boutiques) and it is All Boho All the Time from now on. 

We are so happy with the change, since, though we may sport duds from all eras, us Herbalists can't help but have THE most special place in our hearts reserved for super-feminine, natural, flattering and good-feeling Bohemian clothes. My ancestors, actual Bohemians, would laugh if they knew what the word has come to mean, but still I feel that I am carrying on a family tradition. Hope you enjoy the new stuff as much as we do!