The Vintage Closet: Best Etsy Scores

From Amber

It's all about the dresses. When I am casually browsing (achingly obsessing) through other vintage seller's shops on Etsy, I pretty much just check out the dresses. My ideal outfit template is: boots, dress, earrings, and in colder weather I adore wearing tights. And the keywords I usually search for when looking for those dresses are: babydoll, peasant, empire waist, smocked, boho, halter, prairie, and lace. And so, as you might imagine, I just about fell out of my chair when this newly listed dress showed up at the top of my search. It was in Rocky Mountain Retro 's shop. It is my actual dream dress, and I am in true, mad, deep love with it:



Now this one has the best print and color scheme I can possibly imagine (along with the empire waist and halter closure). This will be my go-to dress on those 90 degree plus summer days. It was from Fruit Salad Vintage:



This sweet little darlin' just stole my heart (and it was half off!). Again with the empire waist, this time adding a lovely tiered skirt and sweet floral detailing throughout. Oh, and a lace-up bodice! It was scored at Deborah Jean Vintage:


Etsy, Etsy, Etsy- I came to you to make money but you end up taking it from me too! And I love you for it :-)