Tales of the City

From Sasha

Goll darn it, I keep leaving my heart in San Francisco... has anyone seen it?


Me n' my Hunny went down to San Francisco last weekend to see one of my favorite bands, The Raveonettes, and have some Big City fun. Though we usually stay with friends when we're in SF, this time we treated ourselves to a night in a Downtown hotel... this one is dirt cheap, clean and cute, and right in the middle of Union Square! They always have cool desk clerks, too, which is really nice...


You can walk just up the street to Chinatown, where I saw this amazing old sign (I have a Big Thing for old signs... if I lived in a mansion I would fill my house with them):


It was New Years- the "real" New Years, not the big parade, but the actual New Moon Real Deal. It's the Year of the Ox! Some dragon heads waiting for their human bodies to get them dancing up on the stage:


I love these Dragon Boy butts, waiting for their turn to make the dragon come alive. The dance, which requires feats of great balance and strength, is accompanied by the loudest drumming and cymbal bashing you have ever heard!


Luck is important in life, and very important in Chinese culture. Luck can be truly adorable, too:


Everyone was buying flowers and flowering branches for the New Year:


Between China Town and North Beach, one of my favorite signs ever. We always ask, do good friends go there to meet the girls? Or do good friends meet good friends, and girls meet girls? I am always a little too intimidated to do any empirical research.


Getting ready for the Raveonettes in my outfit which happens to be 100% Thrifted! The hat was my big score of the weekend, since I found it in the Goodwill on Haight Street for $5. The same hat was at American Apparel down the street for $40! I was kind of bummed that it was at American Apparel, at the same time that I was elated at the deal I'd gotten. I've been wearing it every day for a super Rock n Roll Circus look. Sigh... I try not to be so trendy, but sometimes it happens! The jacket is another new fave... i got it at the very end of the day at the Grass Valley Salvation Army on a half off day. I can't believe no one else noticed how cool it was. And for $4.00!!!


The Cable Car goes right by the front door of the hotel... Trendy I may try to avoid, but Touristy I truly love. Cable Cars always make me feel romantic!


Okay, we contributed quite a lot to the economy of North Beach on this particular evening, between the bars at Vesuvios and Bimbos... I'm just saying it cause I know it shows. But it's a cute picture nonetheless!


(The Raveonettes, by the way, were AMAZING. )

Til we meet again, my City By the Bay....