The Vintage Closet: Best Boho Blouses

From Amber

I admit it, my style tends to be pretty straightforward and obvious. Give me your choicest hippie duds and stylinest boho garb and I'm good to go. It's just how I feel most comfortable, though I am capable of stretching the boundaries into fashion-magazine-quiz-stereotyped-styles such as sophisticated and romantic (though never so much sporty or trendy).

On the way out the door to our most recent photo shoot for the shop I grabbed my three fave bohemian style tops, hoping I would get to do exactly what I am doing right now and post a blog about them someday soon.

This first top was one of my earliest thrift scores, back when I was just discovering that thrifting was not only fun but also met many of my young & broke family's needs. I had travelled an hour out of town just to hit up a thrift store in Truckee- site of the infamous Donner party and their desperate culinary habits- that I had heard was amazing (and was it ever!). This was my favorite score of the day:


I definitely have a thing for embroidery, and hope to add an embroidered dress to my closet before the return of the warm weather:


Now this amazing little gem came to me in another way all together- from Sasha! She had thrifted it years ago and loved it, but it just never fit her right. She just couldn't bring herself to re-thrift it though, and I'm so glad she didn't! I absolutely love it:


Such incredible detailing:


See the goosebumps on my arm!? No more outdoor winter shoots for us!:


This one I got on Etsy, from Put On That Dress:


She was having a Thanksgiving sale and it was only $10!!! 
I may even be able to wear it as a dress with a longer slip under it come summer.
Again, super sweet detailing:


I've been called (or maybe "accused of being" is more appropriate) a hippie since I was twelve years old, so I guess it's only fitting...