The Biggest Little Santa In The World

From Sasha

I am dying to share some pics with all of you from my weekend trip to Reno, Nevada-- the land of amazing, airplane-hanger sized thrift stores; all-you-can-eat-buffets; legal gambling, indoor cigarette smoking, and prostitution (sometimes all at once!); and, come to find out, the largest Santa Pub Crawl on the West Coast. Reno is also our favorite place for taking pictures-- between surreal hotel bathroom lighting and flashing neon signs on the main drag, there is always something to make the camera happy. Here are my snaps from the Biggest Little City in the World!

Fancy shmancy Casino bathroom with Infinite Mirrors!


The show at Circus Circus- the Chinese Acrobats on unicycles!


We won these dogs playing Skee Ball (I heart Skee Ball forever!). We called them Reno and Rena.


The view out the window... Uh-oh, it's gonna snow! We ended up driving back over the pass on Sunday through a massive winter storm with chains on our lil' Honda. Shore looks purty though, don't it...

I'm an obsessive clutter-monitor at home, but I like to be totally messy in my hotel room:


Getting ready to go out and see if any Santas are pub-crawling... lucky I thought to bring a "Christmas" outfit (this dress is now washed and back in the store, by the way- you better go grab it before I decide to keep it! Everyone I met that night wanted it!)


This one is my fave!


 I have a big thing for vintage signs- they just don't make em like they used to! There was so much artistry and character put into the design of useful objects in ages past. These are some of my faves from downtown Reno:




This is the hotel where we always stay-- it's just off the main drag, the staff are incredibly helpful (they are obviously used to guiding patrons much drunker than us through the maze of lights and to the correct elevator), and it's the cheapest, goll darn it! In fact, this time our rooms were FREE! (Crazy internet special) It doesn't get much cheaper then that, I guess...


So where were the Santas, you ask? Why Virginia, they were EVERYWHERE!!! 


I loved the people who took it to the next level and were DIY Christmas characters, like these girls here:


We ended up making friends with someone who was already our Violet Folklore friend on Myspace (Troy from Short Hair, far right)- what are the chances!!! We loved all of these folks to death, and we became an Inseparable Christmas Team!!!


One of many Pimpin Santas- is it a Reno thing, or what?!?!?


The more Fat Tire Ale, the more pictures with strangers! It is a law of physics!


Yes, you, Ugly Sweater-wearing Hipster boy, come over here right now!


Ultimate drunky face!


Trying to look like I belong in this hotel lobby chair- except it's not my hotel!


Reno I love you! I love you forever! Til we meet again... look for new items in the store soon from my trip (super scores! you're gonna die!) But meanwhile, the snow is several feet deep at my house and I'm wearing ski pants...


(See, I didn't lie... but this will NOT be featured on Wardrobe Remix!)