Our Flickr Groups

Just want to let you Flickrin' guys and gals know about the two groups that we reign supreme over. Not really, we just created them, because we wished they existed. And now they do.
The first is called A Bohemian Love Song... To Clothing. Pretty self explanatory. Please feel free to join and add to our pool!

(This gorgeous photo is from Charlotte Miceli's photostream)


Share photos of yourself and those around you harvesting and processing wild and cultivated herbs into medicine. Links to blogs or websites very welcome. Share your knowledge! For example, under this picture I linked to a blog I posted last summer entitled Cooling, Calming, Yummy Herbal Popsicles.


Oh and p.s. the name of the first group was taken from the beautiful song The Future off of Jolie Holland's new album The Living and The Dead.