My Personal Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

From Sasha

As I spent untold  hours in the thrift stores of Nevada County this December, buried up to my armpits in horrible holiday sweaters, I begun to develop a unique perversion: I decided that I reserved the right to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater this year. The challenge, of course, was to find the most outlandish one in existence! If the universe didn't pull through, then no dice-- I'd show up to my in-laws in my usual dress and tights, and end up covered in dog hair. You see, my in-laws actually try to enforce a "casual dress" Christmas, but I never listen!

Well, it was the day before our Christmas Eve gathering, and I hit the Animal Save thrift store on my lunch break. This place is famous for their embroidered and appliqued cat and dog clothing, donated by pet lovers, which takes the genre to new levels. Nothing quite ridiculous enough for me, however- I really demand a lot out of my kitschy clothing! Until there suddenly appeared, at the very end of the rack...

Technically, a Christmas Sweatshirt. But I think it counts. After all, the bear hug is from California! What this is doing in California itself only the sweatshirt can say, and it's not talking... by the way, the above photo is our attempt to do that trick where you look like you're a midget... a total failure.

Born and raised a ham, what can you do? Me and Chris were looking at old photo albums at my parent's house this year, and it turns out I have this exact same look on my face at three years old!

Speaking of my parents, that was the next stop on the Christmas train. No Ugly Sweater for this party... it's just not that wild. But we did get some pictures that amuse me in the weirdest way. As one of my favorite bloggers reminded me lately, Christmas is a very "political" holiday (love it or hate it- most people have mixed feelings). Going with that theme, I swear Chris and I look nothing like ourselves, and very much like a couple running for some sort of political office! What do you think?




My dress/suit, by the way, is one of my favorite thrift scores of this year. It's an I Magnin Italian wool piece from the 1960s... light but warm, and perfectly tailored. And it just happened to be $4.00... love!
Hope you all had a good holiday... or at least that you survived it. Here's to the New Year, one of my personal favorite holidays! Resolutions forthcoming. (: