Ladies In Red

From Sasha

You know how it is-- you start to want something, and suddenly it is everywhere, torturing you. Maybe red wool hats really are big All Of A Sudden, though I would swear they have been a Christmas wardrobe staple for decades... but never did I need one so desperately as right now! You are already guessing what happens next... the story begins with "I started looking around on Etsy" (not exactly hard to do, ahem) and it ends with:

Not only do I love this precious hat for myself, but come to find out it is the handiest accesory ever invented for modeling! It just makes every outfit look yum...  I even let Amber pluck it off of my happy head to accesorize herself! (and it's not always easy for an only child to Share her favorite hat, quite honestly):

The amazing Mistress of the Yarn Universe who created this hat with her own clever hands is Andrea
at Mi Scuzi Handmade. She does hats and all kinds of other cool clothing, and she uses recycled yarn-- amazingly time-consuming and eco-friendly! My hat came lovingly packaged and best of all it even smelled good, cause Andrea washed her yarn with a few drops of lavender essential oil. She has inspired me to "aromatherapize" (not a word, I know, but it should be) the clothes in our shop, so now everything will be arriving in your mailbox with a just hint of lavender... it's the herbalist in me, I can't resist!
Whether you make your own, thrift one, or buy one from Etsy (or a friend, or a small local shop. for that matter), you should have at least one wool hat for winter that you love to pieces. Thank you Andrea for making me such a cool one! You are a charm.