Fashionably Mad Libs

From Amber at Violet Folklore
After our photo shoot this weekend, when all the models had left, Sasha's husband Chris came over to pick her up and hang out for a while. Yes! As I've told both of them before- my husband Graham and I sometimes throw elaborate dinner parties just as an excuse to get these two busy musicians-with-day-jobs over to our house!
 It was perfect. Sash & I got to do all the measuring of the clothes we had shot that day while my two-year-old daughter Mycelia was entertained by her papa and Chris (who I am really hoping becomes her Personal Life Mentor as the years go on, he is so creative and funny and playful and just perfect with her).
We had the oldies playing on iTunes Radio, a few PBRs floating around, and the boys and Mycie were cooking up some delicious garlic yogurt with salt over at the play kitchen.
At some point a Mad Libs booklet that I thrifted a while back was brought out, and I began to surreptitiously listen to the conversation around me and fill in the blanks with the words I heard. I finally grew weary of waiting to hear an adverb though, so I asked for one. Chris suggested "quickly", but then Sasha one-upped him with "unerringly". The filled-in words are in violet:
The Three Little Pigs
Once upon a time there were three little pigs who decided to build themselves houses. The first pig was post Mad Men, and he built his house out of pants. The second pig worked very unerringly and built a house out of plastic buttons on a chain. But the third pig was boho. He built his house out of pajamas and milk. Then one day a big bad wolf came along. When he saw the first pig's house he took and he wore until he blew it down. Then he blew down the second pig's pizza. But no matter how hard he blew, he couldn't blow down the third pig's Chanel smackdown.
Moral: Once the dreams come home to roost, it's too late to whitewash the walls.
Okay, and speaking of Mad Libs, clothing, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, here's one line from another, uh, Mad Lib that Graham filled out while we knowingly gave him words to use. The title of this one is Some Physical Laws We All Should Know- "If an object is floating in PBR, it will displace it's own undies."  :-D


Thanks to Chris for creating the boho piggie image! Can't you see why I want this man to spend lots of time with my child? He also created the kitty image on our Myspace page. Check out his "Emo/Christian rap/Black metal" music, hilarious blogs, and overall badassness on his Myspace page The Dazzling Strangers.