Best Earrings Ever

From Sasha

When a girl starts selling stuff on Etsy, a funny thing starts happening... she starts BUYING stuff on Etsy! I mean, it's only inevitable when you are knee-deep in hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind goodies all day. Now I am a major sucker for a good pair of earrings, but I am also fussy as hell, so I was powerless to help myself when I saw these Perfect Earrings in Like A Rolling Stone's shop:


I was so excited to wear these, because I knew they would completely enchant anyone with an eye for good design. And I was right... I have gotten some of the best compliments of my life on these beauties! As in "sorry, I can't stop staring at your earrings" and "those are the best earrings I have EVER seen". They are so cool that they inspire me to create whole outfits and hairdos around them... and when is the last time a pair of earrings made you do THAT?!?!?


Eryn from Like A Rolling Stone seems to be my twin separated at birth, music and art-wise... all of her jewelry is named after my favorite songs, and the shapes and colors she chooses are right out of my dreams. The name of her shop is fitting, because gorgeous stones like these are the focal point of her stunning creations. Yummy!


You can find Like A Rolling Stone's Etsy shop here... because every girl needs some awesome jewelry to accentuate her vintage duds! Here are some more of her goodies to tempt you (I know, I'm cruel, but it's for your own good!):




The Pretty In Pink Earrings:


Thank you Eryn for making me one very happy lady! (: