Violet Folklore Style Siren- Nicole

From Sasha at Violet Folklore

Nicole is one of the coolest girls I know. She found my band, Sasha and the Shamrocks, through Myspace, and it was immediately obvious that she was so much more than the average music "fan". For those who she admires, Nicole is an ardent supporter, a true friend, and a constant reminder of the real reason we make art-- to connect with other people. Nicole is vivacious and outgoing, and she will let you know when she likes something; in fact, she will let everyone know! This girl probably does more promotion for the artists she loves than 1,000 street teams combined! She loves big stars, but she supports the rising ones with equal enthusiasm; her tastes are diverse and she is willing to experiment. The same is true in her style sense, which encompasses everything from artsy sophistication to vaudeville-esque camp. Here we find out a little more about Nicole and her fabulous world!


Wearing her beloved Uni and her Ukulele t-shirt

Violet Folklore: How would you describe your style? Who are your ultimate Style Icons?

Nicole: I describe my style as classic vintage with a twist of modern shabby chic. I like to throw everything together... I never go into a store and actually just buy it just off the rack. I go in, look around, mix and match this and that. And I LOVE color!

My ultimate style icons would definitely have to be Cyndi Lauper and Angela McCluskey. They both have that "I didn't just throw my clothes on, I actually thought about it" kinda vibe. I love vintage clothes and they both, especially Cyndi, made vintage, bargain basements, and thrift stores chic! Screaming Mimi's in NYC is one of my FAVORITE vintage stores.. Cyndi used to work there before she made it big!


Nicole and friends! Clockwise from left: Paisley, Uni, Nicole, and Cherub

Violet Folklore:  I know you are a huge fan of live music- it seems like you are always going to an awesome show! What are the top three most amazing shows you have ever seen?

Nicole: I would have to say that my top 3 live shows ever would have to be..

3) Tina Turner. OMG! That woman can ROCK!! And those LEGS!

2) The Dresden Dolls. Amanda Palmer is simply amazing. I have a MAJOR girlie-crush!

and finally..

1) Cyndi Lauper (are you surprized! lol). I've seen her live literally close to 10 times and every time is like the first. She is just so hypnotizing. She just casts a spell on the audience and leaves you wanting more. And her stories are priceless!


Meeting Cyndi Lauper

Violet Folklore: Omigod! What was it like meeting Cyndi Lauper? (heart races)

Nicole: Words can't even begin to express how special and other worldly it was to meet Cyndi. She is truly an inspiration to me and has been since I was a little girl. I cried the first time I met her. She was so sweet, and genuine. She put her arm around me and hugged me and literally wiped my tears. She told me how much it meant to her to hear about how her music had helped me through difficult times. She told me to never loose my child-like wonder, "because once you do, you're a goner!" I try to remember her advice daily! :)


Violet Folklore: Where on earth did you get your famously amazing fuzzy hat with ears?

Nicole: My amazing fuzzy bear hat came from my friend Cherub's Etsy store, Crimson Et Clover!! She makes the most adorable things! I love her with all my heart!


Boho Goddess: Nicole rocking her most recent Violet Folklore vintage score

Violet Folklore: What album is on "repeat" on your stereo right now?

Nicole: Right now, I have three albums on "repeat" in my 3-disc stereo.. Amanda Palmer's "Who Killed Amanda Palmer", Cyndi Lauper's "Sisters of Avalon" (this is the CD that I would take with me if I were sent to a desert island and only allowed one piece of music), and Angela McCluskey's "The Things We Do".

Thanks to Nicole for being our wonderful Style Siren!!!!