Vintage Clothing Chainsaw Massacre!

From Sasha at Violet Folklore

Don't worry, no vintage clothes were harmed in the making of this blog!!!


Okay, so I'm a little late for Halloween, and all of you are probably nursing your candy/cocktail hangovers in bed right now, and hopefully aren't anywhere near a computer yet! But SOME of us spent Halloween on the couch in a very unintentional and eye-assaulting Wardrobe Remix of an 80s teal sweatshirt with a giant stoned-looking cat on it, flannel pyjamas featuring skiing ducks, and a 50s quilted bed jacket, reading Promethea by Alan Moore while others went out and tied one on-- NOT because we are party poopers, NOT because we don't love Halloween above all other holidays, but because we had the special gift of a STOMACH FLU! Anyways, all is well now, and I just couldn't resist sharing the above photo, which appeared in my Myspace comment box yesterday courtesy of my good friend Automne of Cat Fancy. Automne somehow unearths these photos of Young Sasha that I have completely forgotten about-- and brings them on at the most opportune moments!

So here's the story-- I'm about 15 years old, and me and my friend Simona are screwing around in her mom's closet, which is STUFFED with vintage treasures. Simona's mom is one of those Cool Moms, which drives Simona totally crazy, but I love it because she encourages all of my style experiments and even lends me clothes and records. We decide that our theme is Prom Queen Massacre, and oddly enough that first picture-- of me as a blond playing the piano-- is one of the only ones taken of me in my teenage years where I am actually SMILING! We go down to the basement for the markedly darker second photo, and some other shots exist where I am actually wielding a chainsaw...(!) The gorgeous dress is vintage mid-1950s, such a dreamy baby blue color and flattering strapless design, it must have been the actual toast of someone's Senior Prom.

The ulterior motive of this photoshoot was to woo my most beloved pen pal, one Zowie Sphere of Pennsylvania, who just adored girls in horror movie makeup. Ultimately my venture was doomed, as Zowie batted for The Other Team (as anyone over 18 would have known), but still, it was a valient effort.

Hope your Halloween was spooky! I want to see your pictures!