The Vintage Closet: My Favorite Sweater Ever Ever Ever

From Amber

Early last spring my daughter Mycelia and I were hanging out with her best buddy Esme and her mama, my friend Carabeth. Carabeth has a wardrobe that most women would kill for (I go through her closet every time I'm over there), including many thrifted vintage pieces. At one point Carabeth ever co-owned a shop in downtown Grass Valley called Lay Swing where they sold handmade clothes.

Well, this particular day it started to get a little chilly in the evening and I asked Carabeth if I could borrow a sweater. As soon as she emerged with this beautiful 1970s, earth tone, multi-textured sweater I knew I was in love for life. I wore it home and then wore it as often as I could between then and the next time we hung out. And then I went ahead and "forgot" to return it when we did. "That's okay girl," Carabeth said to me with a knowing smile, "You can keep it."

True friendship :-)




Check out this amazing extra button, just makes it so special:


Thank you thank you thank you Carabeth! I wear this all the time and get so many compliments on it. It just may be my very favorite piece of clothing that I own, and that's a very special thing.

And here are some shots of the beautiful Carabeth herself (I knew that someday I'd have a reason to show off the photos I'm always feeling compelled to take of her!). In ths first one she is wearing the very first piece we sold through Violet Folklore!:


Here's Carabeth, in a shirt she made herself, and I at the girls' 1st birthday gathering in August 2007:


Here's Carabeth, Esme, and our friend Ariya at a harvest farm festival this fall. LOVE all three of their coats:


And here's Esme and Mycie at their 2nd birthday party this last summer. No, we did not plan the outfits: