Nevada County Street Style- Winter in Grass Valley

From Amber at Violet Folklore


Winter is my favorite clerk at the Salvation Army in downtown Grass Valley. Well, I wouldn't say any of the other clerks even come close to favorite, so let me say that Winter is my friend and fellow clothing-lover who I met at her work, the Salvation Army.

She's always looking amazing in her clothing, an no wonder! Girl's got access! She told me that she purchases at least one item of clothing a day. Sometimes when she is ringing me up she says "Oh I've had my eye on this! Ah well, one less thing to buy."

I would have gotten more pictures of her, but my camera was full of pictures (and an amazingly cute video) I had taken of my daughter Mycelia earlier in the day, wearing a 100% thrifted outfit. (In fact, as this little photo sesh was ending, the manager at Salvo walked by and said to Mycelia, "What a cute skirt!" "We got it here," I replied).


The world is in desperate need of a stylishly attired two-year-old folk singer/songwriter, isn't it?