Naked Lady Party Fever!

From Sasha at Violet Folklore

Naked Lady Parties are a veritable sensation these days. I was hooked after my first one this spring, when I picked up a trunk full of new clothes-- for free!-- including tons of work staples and one unbelievable, legendary gold leotard:


There are a number of different ways to go about  your party, but first and foremost the idea is to gather together as many women as you can into a space which can accommodate the fun. Make sure there are enough mirrors around, get some snacks and drinks together (potluck is fine), and you're ready to roll. The "East Coast" style of NLP is apparently very organized, involving "auctioning" or "bartering" of the items, but we West Coasters are credited with developing the "free for all" style which involves piling all the clothes into a giant mountain and digging through it like a bunch of squirrels. Frankly, the idea of being more structured with this party intimidates me, but I AM a born and bred granola-crunching California gal! (Here is more about the "East Coast" organized system from

The NLP I went to last week was fabulous-- we had about twelve ladies of all ages and sizes, and as luck would have it, there was a fellow vintage lover there! I fell head over heels for almost everything that she brought. (Sorry, I feel it's not quite moral to sell things from a Naked Lady Party at our online store, so these are ALL MINE, baby!) It was a delightfully casual affair-- sure, there was the Thrill of the Hunt, don't get me wrong, but it lacked the competitive aspects of second-hand shopping. As the party went on and we got to know each others styles and sizes, there was a lot of "personal shopping" going on, where one lady would dig up something from the pile that was "just perfect" for another, and throw it to her for a try on. When an outfit was a success, the whole room celebrated! So much more fun then the dressing room at Target, with that fluorescent light making your skin green and the stale air sapping your vital force.

I am going to show you all of my scores in time, but today I am unveiling my very favorite: this adorable skirt suit by "Meo of California", it looks so 1963, my personal Ideal Year in Fashion. I have an irrepressible love for Houndstooth patterns-- I vaguely remember something wonderful and Houndstoothy in the Dress Up trunk of my youth, so maybe that's where it started!-- anyways, nothing say sassy to me quite like those lively black and white zig zags. This Peter Pan collar just takes the cake, too, doesn't it?


Now I will be honest-- I couldn't sit down in this one for too long, it just zips up. Not a holiday dinner outfit (I will save elastic waists for that one!) But really, who needs to sit when you're looking this sharp? Clearly this is a little suit for a woman on the go!


I adore the front, but the real kicker is the fit in back. One of my biggest pet peeves is bad modern tailoring that doesn't hug the curve of the lower back ,and makes you look like a sack of potatoes. No such problem here. This outfit was designed by someone who loves women, and it shows!


More to come from this party soon-- meanwhile, I urge you and your girlfriends to plan one! It's a great excuse to get together and giggle-- strangers make quick friends when they are trying on clothes together, believe me!-- it's also a place for those clothes in your closet that are too-good-for-a-thrift- store-but-you-never-actually-wear-them to go. Not to mention the sweet clothes you might find yourself!