From Amber...


Bloggers often write about the rad people they meet through blogging, the amazing mycelial structure of the internet and how it has connected them with people they've come to call friends even though they've never actually met. For me, one of those people is Missa at Thrift Candy. Not only did her blog inspire me to to start posting about my thrift scores at my other blog Nourished Mother (which eventually led me to suggest to Sasha the project that would later become Violet Folklore), but I also immediately felt a connection to her as a mother. And true to her style, her daughter has the cutest name ever- Clover :-)

But then it got even better! We realized (through my post The Vintage Closet: Layers of Warm Memories) that we have the same birthday! But then it got even BETTER! She saw a picture Sasha posted of herself wearing the cutest little German inspired outfit (complete with amazing suspenders) on Wardrobe_Remix and chose it as her 100% Thrifted Pick of the Week! But the it got EVEN BETTER when she included the whimsically delightful happiness-inducing video at the end of the post.

Thanks Missa! (And regarding your comment- my grandmother has always said I remind her of Ali McGraw!)