Back To The Land, Well Dressed Rich Folk Style

From Amber at Violet Folklore
While skimming through a fashion magazine the other day at one of my favorite little natural foods cafes (aside from their great food, I also love the copious amounts of free fashion magazines the lovely ladies behind the counter leave out for me to take. Oh, I wasn't supposed to take those? Well, hey, a broke mama's gotta get her fix somehow) I came across this photo, and literally gasped:
And then asked myself, "WTF? A major fashion house is trying to pull on my heartstrings with bucolic images of a multigenerational homesteading family dressed in spectacularly out-of-my-league upper class clothing!? And it's WORKING!?"
Know what I mean?
Who do I have to sleep with to get into this family? Although it looks like the men are already outnumbered:
Plaid maxi dress? Yes please! Gotta carry my chicken feed and gather up my herbs and roots in something. (Now here's a better ratio for snagging me a strapping young lad):
Apparently Sasha's not the only fashion lover dreaming of pastures as verdant as her bank account right now.
Oh, and to tie this even further in with Sasha's previous post- apparently this campaign was inspired by Madonna and her chickens (I'm just telling you what I heard...).
And p.s. 
Don't the blazers/dresses in the first picture above look just like this vintage Pendleton blazer we have in the shop right now?
I could just walk right into that peasant fairy tale, git me a pair of those AMAZING plaid tights, and ride off into the sunset with my new heir-to-the-family-fortune farm boy...